Orange Golf Balls: Introducing you to the new color

Orange Golf Balls

If you have already read our previous article on the green balls that is the new hype amongst golf players, then here is the latest surprise for you, Orange Golf Balls!! Presently, using various colored golf balls instead of the traditional “white balls” is the newest trend. There are multiple colors of golf balls available commercially.

The orange golf balls are a way to break into the traditional white ones. Orange is very “attention-grabbing,” so it is first used to improve visibility. The color orange is also found to be very uplifting for the mood.

Significance of the Orange Golf Balls

Orange is a very “happy” color. It’s not just bright but cheerful. The reason behind the popularity of orange golf balls is that it affects the mood of the golf players very significantly. You might wonder how a small golf ball can affect someone’s mood? But here is the thing: while playing golf, they repeatedly look at the ball to correct their aim to perfection. So in that way, the color keeps registering in their mood continuously, which ultimately affects their mood.

Orange golf balls and energy

Orange is often thought of and described to be a very vibrant color. We know that golf is not a fast-paced sport like football or basketball. So to keep the energy and spirit “high” in the game, it is essential to have something like the orange golf balls. The orange color has also been found to be associated with “play-fullness” and “vibrancy.”

Orange is undoubtedly the most despised and under-appreciated color among the elderly. On the other hand, Young folks like it because it has a youthful recklessness to it.

Attention seeking?

Yes, this color is also a very “attention-grabbing” shade. According to one study, orange is a highly stimulating but pleasant hue. It’s an eye-catching color that stands out visually, which is why it’s frequently used in traffic signs and advertisements. Orange is an evident hue that is commonly used to attract attention. Even without the dramatic, “in-your-face presence” that the color red has, it nevertheless gets your message noticed.

Thus orange golf balls have been made to improve the visibility of the players. Often it becomes challenging to find the golf balls once it has landed on the greens. The orange golf balls make it easy in this case. It makes it easy to find, and when it is traveling in the air, it is easy to keep an eye on its trajectory.

Keeping up the Happy Mood

Orange is also usually described as bright, lively, and joyous. Because orange is associated with beautiful sunsets and citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines, many people identify it with the splendor of the evening sun or the refreshing flavor of citrus.

Being a happy color helps lift the players’ mood when playing with the orange golf balls. It’s a warm, inviting color that’s physically and mentally stimulating, encouraging individuals to think and aim more clearly. The orange golf balls, due to their color, are associated with adventure and risk-taking, as well as “physical confidence,” “competition,” and “independence.”

One step closer to nature

The color orange is frequently used in fire and the sun settings because of its fiery overtones. The more intense the scene, the deeper the shade. Orange flames are said to be emitted by a burning sun. A crackling campfire is also the visual representation of the color orange. In other words, when enjoying the great outdoors, the color orange is likely to appear.

This is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of orange golf balls. Orange can change the mood by adding a hint of warmth to conventional foliage. Orange is adored for its subtle yet distinct attractiveness, which is, without a doubt, a great trait.

Orange Golf Balls availability

Various famous companies are manufacturing orange golf balls. Here in this article, we provide you with the four most popular companies that manufacture and sell these.

Callaway HX Soft-Flight Practice Golf Balls Orange Colored Foam Balls

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Callaway’s colored golf balls come in various high-visibility colors, including lime, orange, pink, and multicolor. They are long-lasting, soft-flight foam golf balls safe to use anywhere and may even be used indoors. These soft golf balls are also designed to encourage ball flight while staying gentle enough to be used safely anyplace, making them excellent practice golf balls for the backyard or indoors. At shorter distances, the unique HEX dimple design resembles actual ball flight. You can buy these at Amazon.

Volvik Vimax Soft

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The Volvik Vimax Soft golf ball has a low spin rate and a mid-high launch angle, ideal for drivers. A high-energy power core is also included in the Vimax Soft, resulting in an explosive ball speed off the tee. The super-soft ionomer cover provides excellent greenside control and an incredibly soft feel. The orange golf balls are four matte color options that provide outstanding visibility.

Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite

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The FastLayer Core delivers Soft Feel Brite’s remarkable softness and distance off the tee, with a soft center that progressively transitions to a solid outside edge. Three bright colors—Red, Green, and Orange golf balls—improve visibility and make it easier to locate your ball. With it, every swing will have a solid yet comfy impact, giving you more trust as you approach each stroke.

Titleist Orange Golf Balls

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The Titleist orange Golf Balls are designed for spectacular distance with fast speed, high launch, and low long game spin. These orange golf balls have a more extended range of travel, incredibly low long game spin, great flight on all shots, and a workable greenside feel. It’s also available in white. In the second half of 2022, Matte Orange, Matte Green, and a new Matte Blue will be available.

FAQs on Orange Golf Balls

What are the uses of orange golf balls?

These golf balls are the same weight and size as standard white golf balls, but they are considerably easier to find after a long drive. They can also assist in developing your skills by enabling you to hit straight and long drives.

Do matte golf balls have more path length?

Some players feel that matte finish golf balls spin quickly in dry conditions but spin less quickly in wet situations. The correct answer to whether matte golf balls spin faster is no.

Are colored golf balls illegal?

A player may not change the color of their ball during the round, whether at the Masters or anywhere else where USGA regulations apply. During the tournament, you might play four different colors as long as they were all used in each of the four rounds.

Who makes orange golf balls?

Many companies manufacture and sell orange golf balls. Callaway, Titleist, and many more companies are there, from who you can purchase these golf balls commercially.


Orange has one of the most potent bodily effects of any color that can be measured. Orange boosts metabolism by stimulating appetite, increasing energy, and even stimulating the thyroid gland. Orange is an intense color. We can’t ignore it, which explains why people’s reactions to the orange golf balls vary.

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