5 Simple Steps to Put Tennis Balls on a Walker

put tennis balls on a walker

Tennis balls can even be used outside the Court. Yes, you can put tennis balls on a Walker and use them as a homemade slider. In many cases, the slider of the Walker wears off, and it becomes complicated to use them on the floor. It makes it problematic to walk with them and results in scratches on the floor. So the best option to solve all these problems is to put Tennis balls on a Walker.

You might feel it’s an arduous process to put Tennis balls on a Walker. But on the contrary, it is pretty simple. The easy steps described in this article will help you create your sliders for your Orthopaedic Walker or even chair legs. The material of the Tennis balls matches to use them in place of the rubber sliders. 

The materials required to put Tennis balls on a Walker

As already mentioned putting Tennis balls on a Walker is relatively hassle-free, and you won’t require many tools or equipment to carry out the process. You would need just three items to put Tennis balls on a Walker.

Utility knife: make sure you have a sharp knife in possession because it would be used to cut open the Tennis balls in two halves. Sometimes when people do not have access to a sharp utility knife, they use a hammer and a nail or even a drill to make the primary whole and then use an angle grinder to make the cuts. If you do not get a proper utility knife, you can even keep this as your option.

A scrap board:  using a Scrap board is optional in this case, but we would prefer it if you use it. Having a Scrap board is to create a safe cutting surface. When people try to cut a tennis ball using a utility knife, that tends to move away due to its apparent shape. The scrap board helps hold the tennis ball in position while you’re cutting the ball open with a knife.

Vice for cut-resistant gloves: This again is an optional choice for usage. However, a cut-resistant glove will help you protect your fingers while you have to use the sharp utility knife to cut the ball into two halves to put tennis balls on a walker.

Five steps to put Tennis balls on a Walker

The five simple steps to put tennis balls on a walker are:

Step 1: Create the grip

Use your non-dominant hand on the tennis ball firmly such that it does not move around when you are trying to cut it off. one thing you should always keep in mind the ball is that you should always position your finger in a way so that the direction in which your cutting is not towards your finger if the knife slips accidentally. Use a marker or a sketch pen to Mark an “X” on the tennis ball to remember where you will be cutting. You cut an “X” about 1.5 inches long for a regular Walker.

Step 2: Use the knife

After marking your tennis ball with an “x” time, the utility knife is now to make the necessary cuttings. To be on the safer side, it is advisable not to extend the blade more than half an inch because it might end up breaking it off. With your dominant hand, use the knife along with the “X.” put your index finger on the top of the blade to give optimum pressure. At the same time, you grip the knife securely in its position. 

Step 3: Pierce

Piercing the tennis ball is the hardest part. You have to make repeated stabbings in the same region to finally create a depression in the tennis ball and punch a hole through it. Use multiple motions to pierce a hole with the tip of the knife into the surface of the Tennis balls. When finally the blade can penetrate the ball, you can understand it by hearing the air escape from within it.

Step 4: Cut the X

The hard part is already over once you have Pierce the tennis ball. To finish the procedure, you need to push the knife into the ball, piercing and extending the blade to cut it along the “X.” You should remember to start the cart from the center of the ball and move towards the outer side. Once done with the first cut, turn the ball 180 degrees and finish cutting the entire slit. When one slit is overturned, the ball is 90°, and repeat the process for the second slit and complete the “X.”

Step 5: Procedure to put tennis balls on a Walker

Five steps to put Tennis balls on a Walker

This is the final step to putting tennis balls on a walker. Use your dominant hand to squeeze the tennis ball so that the opening you have made using the utility knife opens up, and you can push it onto the Walker. Putting the tennis ball on a Walker requires pressure and twisting movements. 

Once the tennis ball is on the legs of the Walker, you can get all the flaps either outside of the rubber or push them inside the piercing using the back of a spoon or something flat and Blunt. It is advisable to keep the flaps outside so the rubber inside the flaps can create a more secure hold. If you want the flats to be inside, the more innovative way is to press the tennis ball on the Walker without squeezing. This will help to keep the flaps inside securely.

How to Put Tennis Balls on a Walker Video

Pros and Cons of attaching tennis balls on walkers

Using tennis balls for walkers is a pretty cheap substitute for sliders.Does not give a very pretty overall look
It can be easily attached at home by anyone Collects germs quite easily due to the outer material of the tennis balls
Reduces the sounds and frictions on the floor caused by the slidersSometimes they can make the Walker unstable

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the requirement to put Tennis balls on a Walker?

Many people have hardwood or laminate floors that often get scratched by the standard slider available with the Walker. to prevent this from happening, many people put Tennis balls on a Walker and protect their floors. It also helps them slide easily on the carpet with the Tennis balls on the Walker.

Do you need to use new Tennis balls to put on a Walker?

Whether you will use a new tennis ball or an older one is entirely your choice. It does not matter as long as the tennis ball serves its purpose.

How long can Tennis balls on a Walker last?

How long a tennis ball will last on a worker depends on how often one uses them. The frequency of usage and the surface on which it is used depends on the Tennis balls’ longevity on a Walker. 

Is it safe to put tennis balls on a walker?

It is not a very unsafe option to put tennis balls on a walker as long as the person does not rely on it entirely for their mobility.

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