Rogers Hornsby Baseball Card: An Exciting Insight About All the Cards

Rogers Hornsby Baseball Card

We all know about “the Rajah” of Baseball. Yes, we are talking about the Baseball superstar Rogers Hornsby. The American Baseball player, Rogers Hornsby, had a very successful career and had spent 23 seasons in Major League Baseball, commonly known as the MLB. Hornsby was a member of several semi-pro and “minor league teams.” He made his major league debut in “1915” with the “St. Louis Cardinals,” where he stayed for 12 seasons. Thus, it is pretty evident that Rogers Hornsby Baseball cards are trendy among the fans.

Rogers Hornsby Baseball Cards have been trendy among baseball fans. The reason behind the popularity of the Rogers Hornsby Baseball Card is that he was the very first “star player” from the St. Louis Cardinals’ team. Not only this, but he was also later selected into the “Hall of Fame.” Collectors will want to track down these Rogers Hornsby Baseball cards because he is one of the game’s all-time greats.

The Top 7 Rogers Hornsby Baseball Cards

Rogers Hornsby Baseball Cards

If you are a baseball card collector, this list will be handy. Here in this article, we provide you with the seven most popular Rogers Hornsby Baseball Cards, which the curators would love to have in their collection.

1. Rogers Hornsby #7, 1916 W-UNC

Rogers Hornsby #7, 1916 W-UNC

Recently, “Big Heads” cards have grown popular among vintage collectors. What makes this set so popular? The answer is pretty simple! The set of “1916 W-UNC” cards illustrates the original artwork of 20 players. Not only this, among the players, many of them belong to the Hall of Fame. The players’ heads are enormous, which is the main feature of the drawings. As a result, the set has been dubbed “Big Heads.” Another reason for its vast popularity was that it was released when Rogers Hornsby was still a novice, and this was the first baseball card ever that was published of him.

2. 1917 E135 Collins-McCarthy also called Boston Store Rogers Hornsby, Card 80

1917 E135 Collins-McCarthy also called Boston Store Rogers Hornsby, Card 80

This card by the Collins-McCarthy Company has to be one of the most wanted baseball cards amongst the connoisseurs. The firm called Collins-McCarthy Candy Company tried its hand into the baseball cards for the first time in 1917. The cards that they manufactured were not colored ones but black and white. This set was also famous by another name called “1917 Boston Store Set” among the collectors.

The only point of difference between the two sets where you can find the Rogers Hornsby Baseball card is the different commercials printed on the back of the cards.

There are many reasons why this card is found so rarely in the market. One of the primary reasons behind that is the Company released only a part of the set and never the complete one. Also, the cards were printed and manufactured on poor-quality papers, which ultimately caused them to wear off with time.

3. 1933 Tattoo Orbit Rogers Hornsby SP

If you are someone who loves to collect unusual cards, then the Rogers Hornsby Baseball card from 1933, published by the Tattoo Orbit Company, is going to be your prized possession. Do you know why? It is because of the contrasting pictures of the players with the bright background colors. These cards published by the Tattoo Orbit company had very colorful colored backgrounds of yellow, green, and red. And to create a contrasting image, the photos of the players were printed in black and white with an extra tint of skin color hues.

The Orbit Gum Company released this set, including several rigid short prints. While many Hall of Famers is in this set, the Rogers Hornsby Baseball card has been the only short print to feature a Cooperstown inductee.

4. 1920 W516-1 Rogers Hornsby #7

W-516 was a set of International Feature Service strip cards that either stores or card collectors handcrafted. The group included three distinct series totaling 30 cards, with a few minor differences in the pictures and labeling on each set’s front card. The Rogers Hornsby Baseball card was part of the first series, and it was indeed extraordinary.

The reason behind this is that the card was entirely handmade. The front side of the card had the picture of the player that was hand-painted by some artist, and below that, it had the player’s details, which were also handwritten. You can also find many errors in the cards from this particular set as they were handmade and not computerized.

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5. E120 American Caramel Rogers Hornsby Baseball Card

The E120 set was published in the year 1922. This set showcased two separate series of cards. One set contained the American League players while the other contained the National League players. How do you differentiate between them? Well, it’s pretty simple! The manufacturers made sure that the two parts were printed in different colors so that one could distinguish between them easily. The American League cards were printed in sepia, and the Baseball cards of the National League players were printed in “bluish-green.” You can find the Rogers Hornsby Baseball card in the bluish-green color as he was a National League Player.

6. 1926-1929 Exhibits Rogers Hornsby

“1926-29 Exhibits” was a four-year postcard set produced by the “Exhibit Supply company.” What’s impressive about this set is that they were all printed in “black and white” in the standard postcard size. The 1926-1929 Exhibits had published 68 cards in the set. The best part about this set is that you can find not one but three distinct Rogers Hornsby Baseball cards in it, depicting him as a part of three different teams.

7. 1933 Goudey Rogers Hornsby #119 and #188

This is one of the most fantastic baseball cards set where you can find the Rogers Hornsby Baseball Card twice. Yes, you read that right! Two Baseball cards of the same player are there in the 1933 Goudey Set. But is that the reason behind its immense popularity? No, the actual cause is a bit different. One can find a unique set of Hall of Fame rookie cards in this set. Not only this, there are multiple cards of star players in this set.

Finally, before retiring from professional Baseball, Rogers Hornby was a part of St. Louis for the last five years. However, his second 1933 Goudey card marked an essential transition in Hornsby’s career from player to manager.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which baseball card is the most precious?

The Baseball Cards of Honus Wagner, a very famous American baseball player, who played in the shortstop position is the most expensive and precious one. The card from the 1909-1911 ATC T206 set is the world’s most valuable baseball card worth millions.

Are the Topps baseball cards worth anything?

The most valuable Topps baseball cards are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So yes, the Topps baseball cards are pretty valuable.

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