A Detailed Description of The Wheeler Baseball Field

Wheeler Baseball Field

The famous Wheeler baseball field is located in the City of Centralia in Washington. George Washington founded this city in 1875, and the field was built in 1959. The Wheeler Baseball Field has been named after one of the members’ Ed Wheeler, who spent a lot of time there trying to improve the facility.

The history of the location of the Wheeler Baseball Field

As already stated, the Wheeler Baseball Field is located in the City of Centralia. George Washington, the founder of this city, was born to an African-American slave family. But he was not happy with his life and wanted to travel somewhere else in the world to give it a fresh start.

Along with his wife, he crossed the Pacific in the Northwest direction and established Centerville. George Washington and his wife Mary Jane decided to select a town to settle down, later renamed “Centralia.” He wanted the town to flourish, so after establishing it, he worked hard for three decades as a renowned resident, innovator, and beneficiary of the city.

The start of George’s life was a rough one. His biological father was sold as an enslaved person and was taken away from him just after his birth. He was left alone with his mother, staying with a white couple in Ohio. As he grew up, George wanted to try his hands in the business, but the discrimination was so prevalent that he couldn’t succeed.

The history of the location of the Wheeler Baseball Field

After which, he finally decided to move away. The white family with whom he lived, the Cochrans’, joined him in his endeavor. He wanted to go to the west as he hoped he would find more freedom there compared to the place he was currently living in.

The first place that they reached and settled down for a while was Oregon City. But after a few days, they decided to cross the famous Colombia River and move away further, where they first set up the “Washington territory.”

In 1852, George claimed the land where the “Skookumchuck River” joins the “Chehalis River.” But he was not the only one to settle there. The land between two rivers was very fertile and turned out to be suitable for a settlement. Thus, there were already the “Chehalis Indians” living there before him.

He established the town by clearing some land, building a small cabin, and farming there. He was finally able to gain ownership of the land under the “Donation Land Claim Act.” He ultimately established the Washington territory with 640 acres of land.

Finally, in 1872 while he and his wife were moving towards the “Puget Sound,” the Washingtons were surprised to find that their land would almost be the central region connecting the Kalama and Tacoma of Colombia and Sound, respectively. They decided to set up the town there and hence Centralia and later the City of Centralis was born.

Usage of the Wheeler Baseball Field

Usage of the Wheeler Baseball Field

The usage of the Wheeler Baseball field is done mainly by the city’s institutions like the School, college, etc. The Wheeler Baseball field is considered to be the “home field” for the “Centralia College Blazers,” “the Centralia High School Tigers,” and “the Centralia American Legion and Babe Ruth Programs.”

From the names, you can quickly figure out that Centralia College Blazers and the Centralia High School Tigers are the names of the Baseball team of the Centralia College and High School, respectively. But if you are not familiar with the two terms “American Legion” and the “Babe Ruth Program,” let us give you a brief idea about it.

The American Legion

The American Legion

The American Legion is a group of young baseball players ranging between 13 to 19. It consists of 50 states in the United States of America and Canada, Centralia participants. There are 3500 teams taking part in this every year, and the players from Centralia who take part in this use the Wheeler Baseball field as their home ground.

The mission of the American Legion is to give the young players an idea about sportsmanship, good health, and the importance of being a good citizen. These values help them to grow up and become a better human beings.

The Babe Ruth Program

The program is named after the Baseball maestro “George Herman Babe Ruth.” This “Non-profitable organization” aims to guide and create future baseball stars properly. They coach the young players from the 13-15 age group. The Babe Ruth League has become very popular, and they have spread tremendously. Currently, they have a community of more than 1 million players across over 60.000 teams. Being one of those teams, Centralia uses the Wheeler Baseball field as their home field.

Schedule of the Wheeler Baseball Field

The Wheeler Baseball Field has a fixed schedule allotted to different teams. Since other groups use the Wheeler Baseball field as their home field, they are thus given equal accessibility that is spread across the seven days of the week. If you are interested, you can visit the Borst Park Sports Complex Events Calendar, where you will get all the information regarding the timings and schedules of all the teams for the entire week.

FAQs on Wheeler Baseball Field

What is the sitting capacity of the Wheeler Baseball Field?

Being a stadium in a small city, the Wheeler Baseball Field does not have a considerable capacity for spectators. A maximum of 500 people can be accommodated at a time.

Is there any particular food that is served at the Wheeler Baseball Field?

Yes, you can get the famous “Wheeler Burger” if you visit the stadium during any home game. However, the unique “Wheeler Burger” is unavailable except for the home games.

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